Payment Methods

1. By deposit in a bank account

You can choose the bank that is convenient for you to deposit the amount of your order. On the bank deposit slip you must write your full name and surname. For the fastest execution of your order you can send us the deposit slip by fax, or contact us by phone at 210 9647230 or by e-mail at The bank accounts where you can deposit the money are:


Name of Beneficiary: Vytopoulos Nik. & Co.

Account Number: 0026.0175.44.0200632724

Account IBAN: GR980260175000000440200632724

Alpha Bank:

Name of Beneficiary: Vytopoulos Nik. & Co.

Account Number: 493002002000949

Account IBAN: GR6801404930493002002000949

2. By charging your credit card

The payment clearing process is handled by Viva, thus ensuring the absolute security of the transaction. When you enter your card details, the bank does not charge the amount of the order, but binds it. The charge is made when the order is invoiced.

3. With payment via PayPal and pickup via courier company

PayPal allows you to send your payments quickly and securely online. When you choose PayPal as your payment method, you go to the PayPal site, where you can send your payment to us.