Measurement & Fitting

Strap size measurement guide

The straps, which consist of 2 pieces, are measured in the width of the strap at the point where it fits the watch case. The width of the strap is measured in millimeters (mm)

Determine the width of your strap

Check your old strap

Check the inside of your old strap, in many cases you will note the width. If you list the width, it is clearly visible and fits your watch correctly buy the same size strap

Measure the width at the point where the strap is placed on your watch

Measure the width at the point where the strap is placed on your watch in millimeters (mm).
Make sure you measure from the inside as in the example in the photo.
It is best to measure the width of the gap in your watch from the width of your old strap as this will give you a more accurate measurement.

Determine the length of your strap

If you have an average sized wrist, it is probably safe to buy a standard strap that is not described as too long or too short. If you have a large or small sized wrist, you may need to choose a strap that is too long or too short. Either way, taking a few minutes to determine the correct length can save you the frustration of buying the wrong size.

Measure the length of your old strap

Measure the length of both straps together in millimeters (mm). You can also measure each separately and add them up to get the total length. Do not include the buckle in your strap length measurement. If your current strap is an appropriate length, you should purchase a strap of the same or similar length. If your current strap is too long or too short, then try to choose a model that is longer or shorter. Strap lengths are always measured without the buckle.

Measure your wrist

You can measure the length around your wrist using a tape measure. Take into account the size of your watch case when determining the total length of the strap you require. You should also remember that most straps can be adjusted in size at the intermediate holes available for the strap clasp, so it’s okay if the strap length is slightly longer than you need.